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Extreme climatic events have caused very serious disasters e.g. droughts, extreme heat waves and dust storms in our region and thought the world as a result of climate change in many occasions. Climate change has become a significant factor concerning human being living and national sustainable development.
According to the Resolution 4 (EC-LXI), Considering the importance of RCCs, the WMO Council urged RAs, in coordination with CBS and CCl, to speed up the establishment of RCCs in their respective Regions for the following reasons:

(1) That the establishment of RCCs and RCC networks shall be done in accordance with the Manual on the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System, Volume 1 – Global Aspects;
(2) That only the centers or groups of centers designated by WMO shall carry the title “WMO RCC” or “WMO RCC-Network” respectively.
Furthermore, the Council welcomed that India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation have initiated actions to establish RCCs as well.

In 2009, PME had candidate as WMO/regional climate center to provide the climate services for South-West Asia region.
In order to assess such changes and disasters, Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) decided to take the responsibility to the general public and the region by establishing the Jeddah Climate Center (JCC).


The importance of establishing RDMEC at Jeddah , Saudi Arabia by WMO Fourteenth Congress ( Cg - XIV ) is recognized by WMO Congress Abridged General Summary Report paragraph 5-24 May , 2003 , Geneva ) which reads as follows :

“Congress recognized the importance of establishing a Regional Drought Monitoring and an Early Warning Centre in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia to serve all Arab Countries in accordance of the terms of reference as agreed by the NMS s of the League of Arab States . Congress requested the Secretary General to assist the Members concerned to establish the Centre

RDMEC program follows up sustained meteorological observations and forecasting impact of the atmosphere on earth’s surface state , vegetation cover , groundwater water , directly influenced by atmospheric factors : rainfall , temperature and wind . RDMEC is to assist Arab States to reduce the effects of drought on different occupations : farming , grazing , the economic and social sectors and the environment . RDMEC is also to issue early warning on
extreme phenomena that affect the Kingdom and other Arab neighbors .