Our Goals


To provide regional climate predictions at monthly, seasonally and inter-annual timescale, particularly for south-west Asia in cooperation with other regional climate centers.
To provide regional climate data base and archiving services.
To improve collaborations between Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) and climate research centers and institutions on related climatic observations, communications and computing networks for data collection and exchange.
To strengthen climate research and development projects and coordinate with other Regional Climate Centers (RCCs).


  • To monitor droughts in the Arab States and zones .
  • To study the climatic variables , as well as , their environmental , economical and social impacts of Arab States .
  • To issue seasonal predictions to Arab States .
  • To issue warnings on severe seasonal climatic events which may become extreme events .
  • To analyze the state of the vegetation cover and desertification in Arab States .
  • To develop databases for climate information and climate numerical statistical models .
  • To collaborate with World  Centers in making use of the products of global climate expectation models and the development of their application to the Arab States .